Eres Relocation France is happy to announce that it has acquired the French Destination Services company: A Good Start In France. The former owners of AGSIF, Michelle O’Brien and Susan Zeitouni, will remain as employees of eres France, providing continuity and experience for clients. A Good Start In France will bring a rich and varied […]

January Rental Market Newsletter

Thank you for staying tuned to our Rental Market Newsletter!  As you probably know, a lot is currently going on in Europe. The war in Ukraine, as well as the economic situation in each country, can affect the characteristics of the rental markets. We thought it could be useful for you to know about these […]

Our first Sustainability & CSR Newsletter

Our Sustainability and CSR

Dear Client, Partner, Colleague, Friend, Thank you for staying tuned to our communications. Please find below our very first Sustainability & CSR Newsletter ! Sustainability and CSR are becoming very topical and important subjects in today’s world. We are trying to do our best and take part to this journey. This is why we have […]

Eres receives BristolNet Award and renewed EuRA Certification

advanced payments

Multiple excellence awards for Eres Eres Relocation is thrilled to announce that we have won the BristolNet Award for Best Destination Service of the Year of the EMEA region! Eres was awarded this award thanks to the company’s excellence in service delivery and partnership to Bristol Global Mobility throughout 2021. This, along with our EuRA […]

Eres Relocation participates in the IHR Meeting Seminar


Under the organisation of IHR Meeting, Eres Relocation participates in the International People Management Initiation Seminar. We are proud to announce that our two speakers, Jose Antonio de Ros and Patricia Contreras, have been in charge of sharing their knowledge about the updated concepts around foreign professionals in Spain.  In this seminar, we also talked […]

Eres wins the EuRA & ARP award for « Best European DSP » 

Dear Client, Partner, Colleague, Friend, We are overjoyed and very honoured to announce that eres has been awarded the European Destination Service Provider of the year award by the Association of Relocation Professionals in conjunction with EuRA! The award was accepted on behalf of all of the eres countries by Elaine Hery at the recent EuRA […]

Launching Eres Legal

Eres Legal Launch

We are very excited to announce that the founders of Eres Relocation Services, Elaine Hery and José Antonio de Ros, who have both been in the Global Mobility industry since the early 90s and 2000s respectively, have now created something new. Eres Legal Europe – the regional European expert in immigration law.  Eres Legal steps into a gap in the […]

Launching Eres Relocation Germany

Eres Relocation Germany Launch

We are very happy and excited to announce that Eres Relocation Services has reached an agreement to acquire atlas relocation in Germany. atlas will become Eres Relocation Germany; the sixth country to join the eres group after Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and The Netherlands. Stephanie Meyer and Anja Hadick, who founded atlas in 2004 and have led the growth of the company […]

COVID-19 updates per eres country

Eres Relocation Services background

Dear Reader, We started sending our COVID-19 updates per February 26th, when Italy was the first European country to be hit by the virus. And they were hit hard, I recall the voice message of the Italian nurse in tears about having to decide over life and death. That was absolutely heart breaking! Things have […]

Eres Relocation France


Eres Relocation France is happy to announce that it has acquired the French Destination Services company: A Good Start In France.