A Journey of Transformation: Coline’s Experience with the Eresmus Program by Eres Relocation

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Are you looking to delve into the world of relocation from a unique perspective? Meet Coline, the Communication, Marketing & Sustainability Manager at Eres Relocation Europe, based in the heart of Paris. Recently, Coline embarked on an extraordinary journey within her own company through the innovative internal mobility Program, Eresmus.

For three months, she traded her office in Paris for the vibrant streets of Barcelona, swapping roles and homes with her colleague Rosario, Relocation Consultant at Eres Relocation. What unfolded during this time was not simply a relocation, but a transformative experience that exemplifies the essence of Eres Relocation’s mission.

Get ready to envision how Eres Relocation can turn your relocation journey into a seamless and enriching experience, guided by a team dedicated to your success and well-being.

Do you want to know more about Coline’s relocation experience?

Hello,  I’m  Coline,  I’m  the  Communication, Marketing &  Sustainability  Manager  of  Eres  Relocation  Europe.  I’m  based  in  Paris  and  recently  I  had  this  amazing  opportunity  to  participate  in  the  new  internal  mobility  program of my company  called  Eresmus.

During  three  months,  I  switched  office  and  home  with  my  colleague,  Rosario,  who  is  a  Relocation  Consultant  based  in  Barcelona.

What are the values that stand out for you at Eres as a company?

Well, I’ve  been  working  for  Eres  for  more  than  three  years  now  and  I  already  knew  that  our  commitment  to  people  was  not  just  a  statement  but  something  really  deeply  embedded  in  our  culture.

So  I  would  say  the  human  approach,  and  I  think  that  participating  in  the  Eresmus  Program  showed  me  even  more  the  true  meaning  of  this  value  because  it  creates  a  sense  of  integrity,  collaboration  and  mutual  support  which  truly  defines  the  essence of  Eres Relocation.

How did the opportunity for you come about and what motivated you to participate in Eresmus?

So, when I heard about the Eresmus Program, it was in June 2023 during our annual events.  And immediately, the little voice inside my head told me to go for it.

You know, like, usually I take time to think before taking important decisions, but here it was really a no-brainer.  I mean, working from the headquarters, being closer to the management team and to my other Spanish colleagues, discovering Barcelona, living in this amazing city, all of this  was  super  appealing,  so  I  had  to  go. 

Also, I think it was the perfect moment for me to go  out  of  my  Parisian  bubble  and  to  go  out  of  my  comfort  zone.

Can you share with us some of the most exciting or challenging moments you experienced during the relocation process?

Well,  on  the  positive  side,  visiting  Barcelona,  going  out  with  my  colleagues,  meeting  new  friends,  all  of  this  was  super  fun. 

And  if  there  were  some  challenges  to  mention,  I  would  say  probably  the  technical  aspects,  like  when  you  just  arrive  in  a  city  and  you  need  to  find  your  feet. 

But  for  me,  I  don’t  know,  these  aspects  are  not  bad,  they  are  part  of  the  adventure  and  they  add  just  a  little  bit  of  spice.

What role did Eres Relocation play in facilitating your integration into your new environment?

Eres  played  a  key  role  during  my  adjustment  period  because  they  connected  me  first  with  my  colleague  from  Barcelona  who  was  willing  to  do  a  three  months  exchange  in  Paris  as  well. 

The  conditions  of  this  exchange  were  perfect  and  it  worked  out  really  well  thanks  to  the  company  because  they  organized  the  entire  process  from  the  conditions  of  the  exchange  to  booking  the  tickets  of  train  and  taxi.

They  even  organized  the  little  pizza  party  in  the  office  in  Barcelona  when  I  arrived,  so  it  was  great  for  my  integration.

What message would you send to those considering Eres Relocation services from your personal experience?

Well,  if  you’re  thinking  about  Eres  for  your  relocation  process,  I  would  say  “go  for  it”  because  personally,  my  experience  of  global  mobility  with  the  Eresmus  Program  was  fantastic.

And  besides  that,  I  know  that  my  colleagues  are  very  dedicated  and  they  know  how  to  turn  a  stressful  professional  move  into  a  very  positive  experience.

Finally, to what extent do you believe Eres Relocation met your expectations and needs during the relocation process?

Well,  Eres  exceeded  my  expectations  with  this  program  because  it  took  great  care  of  my  integration  and  made  sure  that  my  relocation  went  as  smoothly  as  possible.

As  an  employee  of  the  company,  I  really  had  a  front-row  seat  to  experience  the  care  and  efficiency  that  defined  the  services  of  Eres

In  fact,  I  would  even  say  that  the  Eresmus  Program  is  like  a  living  testament  of  how  the  company  fulfills  its  core  mission, which is the relocation services with  a  personal  touch.



As Coline experienced firsthand, this internal program not only fosters professional growth and cross-cultural collaboration, but also offers transformative experiences that align with Eres Relocation’s core mission.

Through personalized services and dedicated support, Eres Relocation empowers both employees and organizations to navigate relocation journeys with confidence and ease.

Whether you’re considering relocation services for your company or looking to enhance your global mobility strategy, Eres Relocation is ready to be your partner on the road to success.

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A Journey of Transformation: Coline’s Experience with the Eresmus Program by Eres Relocation

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