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We started sending our COVID-19 updates per February 26th, when Italy was the first European country to be hit by the virus. And they were hit hard, I recall the voice message of the Italian nurse in tears about having to decide over life and death. That was absolutely heart breaking! Things have progressed in the meantime, we are 6 months further down the line and we all somehow also got tired from hearing about it. I don’t know about you, but I do miss the messages going back and forth with jokes and videos of musicians performing on their balconies, neighbours in confinement singing together, being there for each other. 
For us as eres colleagues, it has been a warm and unifying experience of working from home yet speaking with each other over Teams every single day. We had board calls across our countries every week, sharing concerns, exchanging ideas, learning from each other and supporting each other in our local businesses. For me, as newcomer in the eres Family, that was a real blessing and I am ever so happy and proud to be part of this magical international group. 
We are observing the local developments carefully, as it has such an impact on our lives and our business, taking care of your transferees. For a while things seemed to have turned for the better. Gradually borders opened again, summer arrived and people started to relax a little… Too soon, as we are noticing these days. We clearly aren’t out of the woods yet, so let’s be vigilant and continue with these updates, until the situation seems safe enough for us all to go back to some sort of normal. 

Follow this link to our newsletter, and sign up if you would like to be included. Our Managing Partners per eres country (Carmo Hatton | Portugal, Sandra Saiz | SpainSabina Passerini | ItalyJulia Meyer-Sommer | France and Cristian van Breemen | Netherlands) have prepared the information with great care. We are giving you growth numbers and categories of information, like Travel, Visa & Immigration, Quarantine measures and Testing & Mask Wearing.

Stay Safe please, Cristian

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