Eres Relocation participates in the IHR Meeting Seminar

Coline Michaux

Under the organisation of IHR Meeting, Eres Relocation participates in the International People Management Initiation Seminar. We are proud to announce that our two speakers, Jose Antonio de Ros and Patricia Contreras, have been in charge of sharing their knowledge about the updated concepts around foreign professionals in Spain. 

In this seminar, we also talked about labour and social taxation at the hands of the company Deloitte. The objective? To share knowledge for those who are new to international people management, or even for HR professionals from Global Mobility in large companies to understand the main practical and essential legal and immigration aspects of international mobility to Spain. This seminar will also be useful for those who work in contact with International Mobility departments.

It has been a pleasure to participate in the IHR Meeting seminar. We will continue to work day by day to share our knowledge and keep up to date with our sector in order to offer the best service to our clients. 

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