Eres Achives Double Accolades at Relocate Awards 2024

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There’s a unique thrill in being recognized for hard work, especially when that recognition comes in the form of not one, but two prestigious awards.

Last night’s Relocate & Think Global People Awards 2024, held at the iconic Temple Place in London, was a night to remember for Eres Relocation.

Our company achieved an unprecedented feat by securing two awards: the European “Destination Service Provider of the Year”  and the award for “Excellence in Talent Development, Deployment & Engagement.” This historic achievement marks the first time any company has taken home two awards on the same night. An overjoyed Elaine Hery collected the awards on behalf of the eres teams, expressing heartfelt gratitude and pride.

eres Wins Double Awards

The Relocate & Think Global People Awards 2024 dinner in London was a spectacular event, and for eres, it was doubly special.

Our company was honored with two significant awards, recognizing our excellence and leadership in the mobility industry.

European Destination Service Provider of the Year

Winning the “European Destination Service Provider of the Year” award is a testament to eres‘s dedication and expertise in providing top-notch destination services across Europe. This award celebrates our commitment to making relocations smooth and successful for our clients.

Excellence in Talent Development, Deployment & Engagement

The second award, “Excellence in Talent Development, Deployment & Engagement,” highlights eres‘s outstanding efforts in nurturing and developing our talent. This accolade recognizes the company’s innovative approaches and successful initiatives in managing and engaging our workforce.

Elaine Hery's Heartfelt Acceptance Speech

Elaine Hery, who accepted the awards on behalf of all Eresians, delivered a moving speech :

“Thank you so much to Relocate Global for this wonderful recognition. Thank you also to my partners in eres: José and Julia, because this journey wouldn’t be the same without you.”

REL058 Relocate Awards A4 Certificate (Winners).indd
REL058 Relocate Awards A4 Certificate (Winners).indd

Gratitude to eres Teams Across Europe

“But most importantly, a huge thank you to our eresians everywhere, this is for you! Our eres teams in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany & the Netherlands who work so hard and invest so much of their energy and skills to deliver great service to every single one of our clients and their employees and to make sure that we stay on top of our game,” she continued.

Recognition for Key Team Members

“A special shout-out to Cristian van Breemen, our Global Talent & Organization Director who is leading our talent development, deployment & engagement initiatives and our excellent, groundbreaking ‘eres Academy,’ and also to Coline Michaux, our Marketing & Communication Manager who does such a great job in making sure everyone knows all the great things we’re doing,” Elaine noted.

The Significance of the Talent Development Award

Winning the award for “Excellence in Talent Development, Deployment & Engagement” holds a special place in Elaine’s heart :

“This award means so much because I think the thing I find more rewarding than anything else as I lead and manage our eres teams is giving opportunities to our young talented employees and helping them to grow and to develop their full potential and their careers in eres. We want them to come to work every day feeling motivated and happy to make a real difference,” Elaine said passionately.

A Commitment to Employee Engagement and Motivation

She concluded: “We are a service company; our people are everything and I think this means we must be doing something right!”

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