The Key Role of a Relocation Company for Mobility in the University Sector

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The mobility process within the university is a complex procedure that requires efficient and precise management. In this regard, relocation companies play a key role in providing specialized assistance at all stages of international relocation.

When it comes to support the mobility of university teaching staff, these companies are responsible for coordinating and expediting the necessary procedures to ensure a successful and smooth experience. From obtaining visas and work permits, to finding accommodation and managing logistics, relocation companies take care of everything!

By relying on a relocation company, university mobility departments can delegate these responsibilities to experts, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. This not only saves time and resources, but also ensures a high quality service for teachers and a positive experience in their new place of residence.

Organic Law 2/2023 of 22 March on the University System

The recent law on the University System in Spain, in force since 2022, has introduced important changes that affect both university mobility in general and, in particular, the mobility of teachers under the Erasmus+ programme. Most relevant aspects of Organic Law 2/2023 and its impact on university mobility in Spain

  • New guidelines and conditions for “validation or adaptation of studies, approval and declaration of equivalence of foreign diplomas, validation of experience and recognition of credits”.
  • Encouragement of knowledge networks with Latin American countries, North America, Asia and Oceania with the creation of joint programmes and degrees.
  • Promotion of doctorates in international cooperation.
  • The Public Administrations are urged to “remove obstacles to the attraction of international talent, speeding up and facilitating procedures for recognition and recognition of degrees, admission to universities or migration“.

The specific procedures and requirements for foreigners wishing to work or study in Spain are complex. They can benefit from the help of experts in university mobility in Spain to facilitate the procedures that favor compliance with these rules.

Advice and management of the relocation company at university level

The advisory and management services offered by a relocation company in Spain facilitate the university mobility procedures of teachers, in accordance with the mobility departments of each centre, which save a lot of time and money.

Support for the mobility of university teaching staff involves such important issues as the compilation of the necessary documentation, advice on the procedures to be carried out, and assistance throughout the process. These services help expats feel accompanied in their procedures in a correct, fast and legal way:

  • Administrative Assistance: A relocation agency can help with the preparation and filing of documents related to visas, work permits, government records, insurance and more. They can provide guidance on country-specific requirements and provide the necessary documentation.
  • Housing search: The agency is also involved in the process of finding suitable accommodation, whether it be residences, shared apartments or private dwellings. For professionals with children, the agency can also provide information on education options as well as facilitate the educational transition.
  • Cultural orientation: Providing information and guidance on local culture, customs, social norms, transport, medical services and other important aspects is essential in most cases. This can greatly help in adapting and feeling safer.
  • Logistical support: Having a support in planning and organizing the logistical details of the trip, facilitates the transfer to the new destination, such as flight reservations, transport to the airport, opening of bank accounts, etc.
  • Continuous assistance: Throughout the stay, the agency can offer constant support in case of problems or emergencies. They can serve as a point of contact for consultations and provide guidance in various situations.

Importancia de una empresa de relocacion para la movilidad internacional del profesorado  la movilidad del profesorado

Key requirements and procedures for university teaching mobility in Spain

  • Visas
  • Work permits
  • Health insurance
  • Social Security registration of foreign workers resident in Spain
  • TIE or NIE card
  • Search for housing and registration
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Approval of training qualifications
  • Certificate of work thesis.

Visa processing and coordination with competent authorities

In managing the visa, relocation agencies together with the mobility departments of each centre play a key role in coordinating with the competent authorities. Below, we detail in depth how this process is carried out:

  • Knowledge of requirements: The relocation agency is kept up to date on the specific visa requirements in the destination country.
  • Advice and preparation of documentation: The relocation agency provides advice on the necessary documents for the visa application, ensuring that the requirements are met.
  • Filing
  • Follow-up of the process: The agency keeps a constant track of the visa processing process, keeping in constant communication with the competent authorities for any new developments.
  • Problem solving: In case of problems during the visa processing process, the agency acts as an intermediary between the mobility department and the competent authorities. They work to solve any problems or additional requirements that may arise, ensuring that all necessary requirements are met.


In conclusion, having a relocation company like Eres Relocation facilitates the process attributed to universities: this allows them to delegate some tasks, save time and improve the experience from the beginning.

We invite the mobility departments of foreign universities that want to streamline and improve the processes of transferring teachers to other international centers to consider the services we can offer them.

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone, or by our web form, for any question or request for services.

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