We are a small company, is it worth outsourcing Relocation services?

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A relocation company provides services that assist businesses in relocating employees arriving from other countries. Leveraging international talent is something all companies, whether small or large, can do. Facilitating the adaptation of expatriate workers to their new location is a smart way to welcome them, ensuring quick integration and focusing their attention on work rather than concerns about lifestyle changes.

At Eres, we provide Relocation services to companies of all sizes and sectors. Small businesses, in particular, may face challenges in handling the complexities of workforce mobility independently. It is difficult for them to have a dedicated person with the time and expertise to carry out the necessary procedures and provide timely assistance to those being relocated.

With the help of specialists in relocation services, small businesses can enjoy the benefits of workforce mobility, such as employee relocation advice tailored for SMEs, facilitating the attraction and retention of external talent, as well as exporting talent to new locations of interest to the company.

At Eres, we have years of experience delivering these services comfortably, cost-effectively, legally, and securely, benefiting both the company and the expatriate employees.

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Relocation services for SMEs: Professional assistance for companies with expatriate workers

The role of a relocation company involves managing all the necessary procedures for an employee’s move from one country to another. This streamlines their quick adaptation, making them comfortable in their new destination, enabling them to focus on their work life, enjoying greater personal well-being without distractions and concerns negatively affecting their productivity, mental health, and emotional well-being.

The advantages for SMEs are evident, including:

  • Assisting in the quick adaptation of expatriate workers without the need for an HR department.
  • Avoiding errors and issues in the legal documentation of the expatriate worker by relying on specialized services.
  • Legal and administrative support with a personal touch.
  • Cost-effective service for SMEs, resulting in significant savings in terms of money, time, and human resources.
  • Access to resources and networks that would otherwise be unavailable to small and medium-sized businesses.

There are various relevant relocation services for companies receiving expatriate workers, and at Eres, we provide everything needed for a comfortable and stress-free process, ensuring a quick and satisfactory adaptation.

Benefits of Hiring Relocation Services for Small Businesses

These are diverse and relevant. And based on our experience at Eres with relocation services for SMEs, these are just the most prominent.

Time and resource savings allowing small businesses to focus on their core activities.

It’s important to note that most SMEs lack an HR department. Having a relocation company manage personnel relocation allows businesses to seize opportunities in the most cost-effective manner.

Expertise and market knowledge.

Es una forma efectiva y rentable de disponer de acceso a conocimientos especializados contando con profesionales con experiencia en el proceso de movilidad laboral.

Improvement of the employee experience.

By facilitating, enhancing, and expediting their adaptation, the employee’s experience is better, resulting in greater loyalty to the company, increased engagement in their work, and higher productivity.

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At Eres, we facilitate the adaptation and well-being of displaced employees in their new environment.

If you are an SME considering hiring relocation services, consider the benefits of choosing Eres, a specialized and experienced relocation company:

  • Recognize the importance of complying with all legal procedures for the labor mobility of employees, on time and accurately.
  • Facilitate that the relocated worker receives the necessary assistance for quick settlement, avoiding it becoming a distraction to their work performance and causing stress affecting their health and well-being.
  • Enhance the knowledge of expatriate workers about the destination city, including points of interest for daily life, safety, routes, transportation, and customs.

The benefits for the company in terms of attracting and retaining talent are evident, saving time and resources, and ensuring that the relocated worker feels integrated and focused on their personal and work life quickly. All of this is crucial for the company to seize opportunities to have the professional staff it needs, where and when it needs them. At Eres, we are here to help!

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