Catalonia imposes limits on rent price increases

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The regulation of rental prices in Catalonia is now a reality. It will come into effect in February 2024 and will positively affect 140 Catalan municipalities, including the city of Barcelona.

The Generalitat has been the first Autonomous Community to take advantage of the new Housing Law by setting limits on price increases for new tenants in rental properties in Catalonia. This is good news for anyone looking for a rental property in the area.

Living in Barcelona, more affordable with limits on rent price increases in Catalonia

The regulation of rentals will mean a significant improvement in the economy and quality of life for those who choose Barcelona as a destination for work or study.

At Eres Relocation, we join in the joy of this resolution and the speed of its implementation. Our accommodation search services for expatriate workers make us very aware that this news will be a relief for employees coming to work in Barcelona. They will find more affordable prices that will allow them to allocate a smaller percentage of their income to housing expenses.

It is also good news for companies. This improvement allows them to be more attractive to employees, facilitating the attraction of talent from other countries.

The limitation of rental prices in Catalonia compared to other deregulated areas such as the USA or Australia will be an important factor when people make their decision on which international destination to choose for work.

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The importance of having a labor mobility consultancy to find affordable rental properties in Catalonia

Workers arriving from other countries and unaware of the laws are more vulnerable and may not know how to take advantage of or make good use of them for their benefit. Having a relocation company with global labor mobility consultancy that is aware of the laws and regulations of the real estate market ensures a smooth transition for employees moving to the city.

For the worker, it will be faster and easier to find cheap rental properties in Barcelona with the characteristics or requirements that interest them.

Regulation of the increase in rental prices in Catalonia: advantages for expatriate workers and companies

It is important to note that almost a quarter of citizens living in the EU allocate more than 40% of their salary to rent. The limitation on the increase in rental prices in Catalonia benefits displaced employees, as they will be able to enjoy the advantages of more accessible housing stock. With more options to find a property with the characteristics they are interested in at a convenient price.

Freezing the limit on the increase in housing rental prices simplifies the planning and execution of relocation programs. It reduces complexity and potential inconveniences and objections for employees on the move.

This leads to the added advantage of experiencing an improvement in their quality of life, which undoubtedly contributes to a healthier work-life balance, improving their well-being and satisfaction with the life they enjoy in their new destination.

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Barcelona, a more attractive destination for talent thanks to the limitation of rental prices in Catalonia

Barcelona has multiple characteristics that make it a destination of interest and desired by many foreign workers. Companies interested in attracting talent now have an additional relevant factor to attract and retain international talent due to this new law.

At ERES Relocation, we assist companies and workers with their needs in the international labor mobility process in Barcelona and other destinations in Spain and around the world. We help the employee adapt more quickly to changes and address all the needs of a city life change so that they can focus on their responsibilities and enjoy a better quality of life and a more satisfying experience.

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