Posted workers update: Directive (EU) 2018/957, the updated Directive 96/71 EC

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Dear Client,

With the regulations for the Posted Workers Directive within the EU being taken very seriously by the EU labour authorities it is increasingly important for our Clients to understand their obligations when relocating their employees from one country to another within Europe and to comply with the posted workers requirements. 

Posted workers definition

The meaning of posted workers is the employee who has been temporary relocated to another EU state under a service contract, intra-group posting or temporary contract. In order to control and regulate this, the EU defines all the rules in the EU posted workers directive.

Main requirements for posted workers in Spain

The new rules of the EU posted workers directive concern:

  • Fair remuneration on the same terms as local workers
  • Apply all applicable working conditions according to the labour law of the country if more than 12 months of international moving.
  • The enterprise must choose a representative to liaise with the competent labour authority of the country concerned.
  • One-off business trips shall not be considered an international moving.

We have prepared this information to summarize the requirements for posting workers abroad. Inside this document, you will see the Directive 2018/957 (the old Directive 96/71 EC) of all eres countries (Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands).

See other countries EU posted workers directive requirements

We hope you find it helpful.

Team eres Relocation

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